Number of lucky bamboo meanings

Many believe that the number of bamboo symbolize different things. Here are the most common beliefs:

1 stalk = good fortune
2 stalks = love
3 stalks = happiness, wealth, and longevity (also represent PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE).
4 stalks = stable, strong, or power.
5 stalks = wealth or fortune
6 stalks = prosperity
7 stalks = good health
8 stalks = growth or wealth
9 stalks = general good fortune
10 stalks = completeness or perfection
21 stalks = blessings
If you know of other numbers that are not listed here, please add to it using the comments below.

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  1. My plant is in small container and growing very tall Can i transplant easily and how big if planter can i go 2ft tall in rocks
    Thank u 4stalks

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