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Question 6/15 in Lucky Bamboos FAQs



I received the lucky bamboo a week before my event. Can I leave it in the box or take it out?

We use shipping gel to keep the bamboo roots from drying out during shipping. The bamboo may still survive in the gel after a few days after you receive it. We recommend that you rinse the gel from the bamboo ASAP and put it in a large container or bucket of water. The water contains nutrients that will keep the bamboo healthy. Make sure the bamboo has at least 1 inch of water and make sure you keep the bamboo out of direct sunlight.

If you decide to leave the plants in the box, you should open the box and allow the plants to get some indirect light. You should take the plants out of the box and remove all the shipping peanuts. Put the plants with the gel back in the box and make sure it is standing upright.
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