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Question 4/15 in Lucky Bamboos FAQs



How do I care for my Lucky Bamboo?

Tips to ensure a healthy and long-lasting Lucky Bamboo plant:
LIGHT: Lucky Bamboo will do best with moderate levels of indirect light. Do not expose plant to direct sunlight, such as a sunny windowsill. The direct sunlight is too strong for the plant and cause the leaves to warp and the leaves will turn brown. Lucky Bamboo should always be keep indoors.

WATER: We highly recommend distill water or bottled water. Tap water water contains fluoride that will cause the tip of the leaves to turn brown. If you must use tap water, you can eliminated most of the fluoride and chemical from your tap water by letting it sit 24 hours before adding it to the plant. To prevent the roots from drying, always keep the water level at least 1" high. Do not submerge the plants completely under water. The top of the stalk much be expose to air so that it can breathe properly.

NUTRIENTS: Only use plant food or fertilizers made specifically for Lucky Bamboo such as "Super Green Plant Food". Lucky bamboo do not require any nutrients or fertilizers. It can last for years with clean water. Plant food or fertilizer can help aid the health of Lucky Bamboo.
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