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Question 5/6 in Shipping FAQs



My event is now for a few months. Can I order in advance?

Ordering in Advance (Shipping Hold / Delay Shipping):
You can order in advance and have it ship at a specific week. We recommend having the bamboo ship during the week prior to your event. The plants should arrive about a week before your event and this will minimize the time of care and maintenance of the plants (Ex. If your event is on Dec 14, 2013, we recommend to have the plants shipped during the week of Dec 2, 2013.) When you order, enter the Week that you would like it to be shipped to you inside the comment box during the checkout page or email us immediately after you place the order, otherwise, we will ship out your order as soon as possible. Most places take 2 to 5 business day for delivery. See the section below to find out exactly how long it will take for the package to arrive.
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