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Darlene Bachovin

Friday 18 September, 2009

I ordered my lucky bamboo so I would recieve it a week before they suggested. I received beautiful stalks or that had growth on them,even some very new growth on them most of them. They were very well packed although they used packing peanuts(not a fan of those) but I'm not sure those could be substituted. We had them for 2 weeks before the wedding and they held up nice. If you have a cat you need to block it from the cat.(Mine thought they were for her.) It takes some time to cut wire and tie the stalkes together. Allow lots of time. Everyone was raving how that was such a great idea. I'd do the bamboo favors over again if had an opportunity to. Thanks BuyLuckyBamboo.com
Testimonial By: Darlene Bachovin

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