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Friday 26 June, 2009

Hi, Folks! Got home from wk. tonight (Friday) to the box of bamboo.
Opened & all looks just great. Took down to basement & unwrapped all Saran, shook off gel, & rinsed in downstairs tub the pkts. w/well water (no chlorine). Put in about 2" of well water in a Coleman cooler, all stood up next to each other, & left in tub w/lid of cooler open. Nice & cool/darkish down there, & think all will be well til' we pkg. in our glass planters with little rocks.
Can't say enough about the quality/freshness/looks of all plants. I'm so, so happy about it right now. Thanks ever so much!
Karen Kolar (Mom of bride for 4th of July)
Testimonial By: Karen Kolar

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