DIY – Lucky Bamboo Test Tube Personalize Favors

Lucky Bamboo test tubes are great favors for events where you are expecting a lot of guest. These are less expensive than glass or ceramic containers and are easy to make.  You will be able to send each guest home with a gift that may last up to a few years.  

Personalized Test Tube Favors

You can customize if with your own personalize message and they can remember your special day every time they see it.To get started, you will need:
  1. Lucky Bamboo with test tubes
  2. Curling Ribbon, Twist ties, or satin ribbon
  3. Favor Tags

Step 1 – Insert plant in test tubes.

Bamboo with test tubes
Picture of the test tube, cap, and bamboo stalk.

First we need to insert the bamboo in the test tubes. The cap has a small opening about 1mm wide. The bamboo stalk is about 1 cm wide, so you will need to apply some pressure t squeeze the bamboo through the small opening.  Watch the tutorials for tips on how to insert the plants in the tubes.

Step 2 – Fill the test tube with water. 

Bamboo in test tube
Picture of the bamboo in the test tube.

Fill the test tubes with water and put the cap on the tubes.

Step 3 – Secure your personal favor tags to the favors.
 You can make you own tags from scratch or purchase if from the link above. The tags will be shipped printed with your personal message and the comes pre-drilled. You can secure the favor tag with a ribbon or twist ties. For this example will decided to use a curling ribbon.Personalized Test Tube Favors

For weddings, you can put the favors in their wine glass, propped up against their folded napkins, or underneath the name placeholder on each table.

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